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Expressive Arts came will include the following 3 classes taught by well-know local Arts instructors: Improv theater and circus arts: In a fun and active way we pair these two to get a light-hearted, laughter-filled class that can take many directions while at the same time learn and hone skills that are needed on and off the stage and in everyday life. Movement for Musical Theater: A class that teaches movement and dance for songs/scenes from our classical musicals such as Oliver and Fiddler on the Roof. Using recorded music and dialogue, participants will focus on learning the movements, gestures, and styles of different musical forms. Ensemble Drumming: From the physical release of a drum roll and the confidence gained through quickly learning a rhythm to the joy of playing as part of an ensemble, drumming is magical fun! In addition to ensemble drumming, students will deepen their capacity to engage rhythmically through some delight-filled drumming games.


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Virginia Matthews